Barony of Rising Waters

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Barony of Rising Waters
Gyronny arrondi gules and argent, a goblet Or, its base environed of a laurel wreath vert.
Founded: A.S. XXIX
In Kingdom: Ealdormere
Baron: Richard Larmer
Baroness: Annabelle Makmyllane
Modern location
Niagara Peninsula, Ontario, Canada

The Barony of Rising Waters is an SCA barony in the Kingdom of Ealdormere, encompassing the whole of the Niagara Peninsula, Ontario's winemaking region.

The Barony of Rising Waters hosts the annual Lady Mary Memorial Tournament.


One of the oldest and most prosperous Baronies of Ealdormere, Rising Waters was originally a canton of the Barony of Septentria, then a barony of the Midrealm. Rising Waters was officially founded in A.S. XVI and raised to the status of barony in A.S. XXVI.

Rising Waters enjoys a fine reputation for chivalry and courtesy, largely due to the efforts of Lady Mary Worthington and her daughter Baroness Fionnadh, who had a great impact on the early development of the Barony's culture and traditions.


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