Barony of Mordenvale

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The Barony of Mordenvale is an SCA branch in the Kingdom of Lochac. Geographically, it is bounded on the north by the Queensland border and on the south by the Hawksbury River. Its lands extend west to Armidale and are bounded by the ocean to the east.

At the present time, they have one associated group, the College of St Crispin based at the University of Newcastle.

The name "Mordenvale" is sometimes mentioned as being Old Norse for 'Black Valley' as the barony began its life in Newcastle, Australia which was a large exporter of black coal. This name appears to be erroneous as "vale" comes to us from Latin via Old French and Middle English and "Morden" is apparently a reference to Mordor (Black Land) in Sindarin from the works of J.R.R. Tolkien.

Every year the group runs an event called "Spring War".

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