Barking Spyder

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The Barking Spyder is the oldest Pyrate ship in the SCA, being over 30 years old, and makes its home port in the Barony of al-Barran. The ship is currently led by Captain Lord Long John Thomas with Bizmallah del Mar by his side as the First Mate. The crew fluctuates between 20 and 35 active members.


The Barking Spyder is organized along the lines of a traditional sailing vessel with a Captain in charge and seconded by his first mate in the rank of Commander. There is also a ships master who is charged with provisioning the ship or in this case making and maintaining (with ample help from the crew) the sail walls, cannons and other materials that make the Pyrat camp distinctive. Below these three vital positions are additional officer positions such as the Surgeon and Gunner who are Lieutenants, and a Pilot who is an Ensign. All of these positions have mates from the crew who they train in their specific duties and that can assist or back fill the position when the officer is otherwise preoccupied with real life or other pressing ships business. Below these officers are a number of petty officers like the Cook, the Sergeant of the Archers, and Sergeant at Arms, all Master Chiefs. Below them are the regular full members of the crew who may or may not be mates to any given position. Finally are the Anchors of the ship who are prospective members of the crew going through a probationary period where they learn how to handle the ship's equipment (e.g. putting up and tearing down sail walls) and getting to know each member of the crew.

SCA Activities

Many crew members of the Barking Spyder are active members of the Rapier community in al-Barran including Lord JT Whoreschum as the Baronial Rapier Marshall (BRM). There is a growing interest among the crew in heavy weapons fighting and archery as well. Those members of the crew who fight at Estrella War in either light or heavy weapons are given a Sharkstooth and those that are active archers are awarded the Whales Fluke. Commodore Fedallah (alleged supporter of La Gente), Lord JT Whoreschum, and other members of the crew have also recently joined forces with the Bloodfists under command of Major Felix Bloodfist on the heavy field