Banner Bearer

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Banner bearer is a general term used to describe someone who carries a banner, standard, or some other type of flag onto the field.

In armies at different times in history the term ancient or ensign is used to describe these bearers in an army and indicated a rank that was associated with the post. In Mediaeval times, terms for banner bearers included bannerer and banior. To be a bannerer was a position of high honour, especially when the flag being carried was of high significance, like the French Oriflamme.

Banner bearers are a type of non-combatant that is allowed on the battlefield during SCA wars. They are required to know the rules of the list and wear minimum light armour (or better) and must be over the age of 16. They are permitted to bear a banner (hence their name) and can be killed as a light, but cannot attack or kill any fellow combatant.

Being a banner-bearer is a nice, easy way of getting out onto the war field without having to do anything.