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Third son of Aethelwulf, Aethelred sucdeeded his two brothers, Aethelbald and Aethelbert and immediately found himself faced with raids by Danes, particularly Ivar the Boneless and Halfdan, joint rulers in Dublin, who may have felt a little peeved at England in general because their father Ragnar had just been killed near York. They conquered York late in 866CE, and founded the kingdom of Jorvik, then marched sough and took Nottingham. Wintering in York, they sailed on East Anglia in 869 and in 870 joined with a second Danish band, under Guthrum, and advanced on Wessex. In a battle at Englefield, Aethelred's ealdorman Athelwolf was killed, and Aethered and his brother Alfred barely escaped. In battle at Ashdown the Saxons held the Danes off, killing many, but at Basing, 2 weeks later, the Danes were victorious, and they spent the 870/1 winter plundering the lands. The armies next met early in 871 at "Meredune" (location uncertain) where Aethelred was wounded, dying only weeks later. He left a widow (Wulfride) and 2 infant sons (one of whom briefly ruled in Jorvik, and was succeeded by his brother.

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Alfred the Great

Materail for this page was taken from Ashley, Mammoth Book of British Kings and Queens.