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A Trillium is a large three-petalled, three-leaved white flower indigenous to the province of Ontario in Canada and the northeastern United States. Flowering in the springtime, trilliums cannot grow in direct sunlight, but instead flourish in leafy forest, often growing in such density and profusion as to turn the forest floor completely white, as from a sudden snowfall.

Trilliums are the provincial flower of Ontario, and as such were adopted as one of the principal symbols of the Kingdom of Ealdormere. A trillium proper is the central item on the arms of that kingdom, and trillium symbolism permeates the badges and trappings of Ealdormere's royalty.

Picking a Trillium is a misdemeanor offence in Ontario, although rarely enforced.

In heraldry, a Trillium is displayed affronty, (that is, face-on, similar to a Tudor rose), with the three petals displayed as argent (but white not silver), and the three leaves offset between them tinctured vert. The stamen of the flower is shown as OR (either gold or yellow). The overall effect is comparable to a mullet of six points.