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The United States of America is where the SCA started. Most of the kingdoms are located in the US. Many major events, such as Pennsic are held in the US.

North America had little contact with Europe in period, although there was nearly a century of trading/pillaging between Columbus and 1600, but there were a few settlements founded (the Spain founded the city of St. Augustine, now in Florida and accepted as the oldest permanent post-Columbian settlement in North America, in 1565), but most of the European influence was after 1600. The Vinland settlements of the Vikings had long died out; St. Brendan might or might not have briefly called; and if the "civilised" nations of Europe thought at all what was over the western ocean, throughout most of period they thought either in terms of Huy Braesil, the mythical land of joy and repose, or of a short cut to Cathay and the Indies that didn't involve getting involved with the Huns, the Muslim Ottoman states, the Mongol hordes, or sundry other perils of the journey.