Black Mantle of al-Barran

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The Black Mantle is a way for the Barony of al-Barran to recognize the archers of the Barony who travel to Estrella War (or other foriegn wars) and fight for the good of the Barony and Kingdom or participate in shoots in the barony's name. To receive the award, an archer must petition the Baron and Baroness on their own behalf by the deadline set by the Excellencies. The only requirements for the petition are that the Baron and Baroness names, al-Barran, and Black Mantle be spelt correctly on the petition and of course that the petitioner go and fight or shoot at the war. Many archers use this as an opportunity to showcase their sense of humour and/or their skills at a chosen art. The mantle is awarded at the war during Guido Court. The mantle is made by the ladies of al-Barran and is a black hood emblazoned with a gold scorpion and red pheon. It is often, but not always, this symbol that shows an archer in the Barony to be a veteran.