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== Number of "lives" ==
== Number of "lives" ==
* One life
* One life
* Limited number of "resurections"
* Limited number of "resurrections"
* Unlimited resurections
* Unlimited resurrections
== Limitations ==
== Limitations ==

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A typical SCA war is made up a sequence of war scenarios.

Some kinds of scenarios

  • Open field battle: two forces square off across an open field. This allows for unit tactics at relatively large scales.
  • Woods battle: like an open field battle, but through a wooded area
  • Bridge battle: one (or more) bridges divide the two sides. Often the objective is to be the first to take the bridge, or to hold the most of the bridge after a certain amount of time. The bridge typically crosses a "river" which usually is imagined, and represented with some markings rather than having running water. Sometimes people are allowed to "forge" across the river, e.g. by crossing on their knees.
  • Castle battle: a representation of a castle, often with a wall, gate, and towers.


  • Last one standing
  • Delivering a "message", package, or person to a specified location
  • Capturing a flag
  • Holding some objective
  • Gathering the most War points

Number of "lives"

  • One life
  • Limited number of "resurrections"
  • Unlimited resurrections


  • Weapons limitations: e.g., no weapons over a certain lenght, no archery
  • Shield limitations: e.g., no shields

Scenario Design

Some scenarios are presented with elaboratly stated objective which a little thought reveals amount to "Last one standing" or some other simple objective.