War field Equipment

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A variety of tools and equipment are used to aid a military force and its allies and auxiliaries on a war field. Not all of these are martial weapons.

War Field Equipment in the SCA

This is NOT a rules list; the use of this equipment is ultimately the decision of the Marshal-in-charge and the independent risk evaluations of each fighter.

The equipment tends to be utilised as WYSISWYG or a suitable substitute (or as hybrid)


What you see is what you get - this should be considered best practice for making war equipment. It is easiest to navigate around bits that are physical, without needing to explain what it does.


Much easier to change, and set up, with a lot more diversity than WYSIWIG. Each scenario will need to be explained.


Can be used both as is or as a substitute for other purposes.

Hay Bales

Many SCA wars use hay bales, as they are movable and solid enough to cope with our game uses. Generally speaking a single stack of hay bales can be stood on and fought on top of, but double stacks cannot.

Hay bales can be used for:

  • boundaries
  • barriers
  • seats
  • platforms

The advantages include:

  • use as a substitute
  • bales are incredibly versatile, for instance,
    • hay bales placed small end-to-small end can create a good barrier or edge for bridges, paths or walls
    • marshals will need to make it clear if you can throw or shoot over the barriers, stood on, etc.

When used as WYSIWYG or used as is:

  • stacking bales like bricks allows for a higher barrier - they can be unstable and be pushed over, so either plan for this with a marshal watching ready to call hold or allow for them to be pushed over as part of the scenario
  • single isolated bales can be used as benches or seats or steps
  • bales placed long end-to-long end can be used as raised platforms, such that adding a board can protect bales from fighters and fighters from gaps in the bales