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Urban legends are modern myths that just grew in the telling, but were often not based on fact in the first place or have sufficently varied from the original story that they have taken on a life of their own. Now everyone says they are true, even though this is inaccurate.

In the SCA, "No Shit, There I Was" stories sometimes end up as urban legends. What started off as a little story about an incident with a campfire ends up being a saga about a wildfire that raged throughout an entire event in another kingdom.

Examples of possible SCA urban legends

  • Central Park Mugging - a dagger stopped by chainmail worn by a jogger training for Pennsic
  • Blood for Odin - mugging prevented by SCAdians then criminals later encountered and frightened in toilets
  • Show and Tell - a girl told off at school for saying she was a queen comes back the next day with her royal herald and armed guardsmen.