Ulrich von Liechtenstein

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Ulrich von Liechtenstein (1200-1278) was a successful minnesinger and jouster. His first major work was an "autobiographical" collection of verse Frauendeinst (Service of the Lady). He describes going on a romantic quest to honour the name of a lady, competing in jousts in disguise as the Goddess Venus. Pity the lady he was fighting for never thought much of him. His second collection Frauenbuch further discussed his devotion to the honour of ladies, and how he felt that the standards of society were slipping.

He was very involved in politics and became governor of Styria. He was knighted by Leopold VI, Duke of Austria, and owned three castles: Schloss Murau, the Frauenburg near Unzmarkt, and Burg Liechtenstein.

Many SCA members will recognize the name as being that of the character played by Heath Ledger in the film "A Knight's Tale", which was loosely based on a story in Chaucer's "Canterbury Tales". The real and the Hollywood Ulrichs do not seem to be related in any way other than being jousters in disguise.