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Trim is a form of embelishment commonly found on clothing. It is a strip of fabric that is decorated, usually with a pattern.

Trim in the SCA

While trim is period in certain times and places, it is often used in the SCA in lieu of embroidery or other historic decoration.

Types of trim seen in the SCA

  • Store bought trim - this trim can be bought by the yard, and comes in many medievaloid patterns popular in the SCA. Larger and more period patterns can be found, but they can be expensive. There are SCA merchants that specialize in period and custom-made trims.
  • Ribbon - A ribbon that does not look too synthetic can be store bought cheaper than trim, and makes a handsome addition to garb.
  • Cording - Similiar to ribbon and trim, it is bought by the yard, and usually costs less than trim. It can be used to imitate embroidery.
  • Tablet weaving - This is a form of period trim that was very popular in the Viking age. It can be hand-made or bought from SCA merchants.
  • Fabric - Trim on the cheap. An industrious SCAdian can use fabric scraps cut and finished in strips to decorate garb.