The Axemen

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Commonly refered to as The Axemen, It is actually Lord Rioghan's Bearded Axemen on Sabbatical Optionally Unbearded. It is an SCA war unit that branches out of a Household by the same name.

Originally formed around the basis of putting on a glorious show on the battlefield, certain immature decissions quickly led to a divergence from that orginal goal, and a boom in mischief led to firm belief that the "Axemen" were nothing but misfits and troublemakers.

Since this time Lord Rioghan went on sabbatical and the "Axemen" have disappeared from the view of current Lochac society. With his absence those that no longer wished to be associated with the "Axemen" left the fold and moved off to play within other circles.

The end of 2008 brought about the return of Lord Rioghan to the SCA and a gradual resurgence of the "Axemen". Still harbouring the view that no one should enter the battlefield alone, Lord Rioghan has set about increasing the size of the war unit again. This time with the "Axemen" mantra firmly in his mind. "Pugnamus, Necamus, Morimur et Spectacula Damus"

The "Axemen" household stresses "et Spectacula Damus" above all else, and are always looking for, or working on, new Arts and Science endeavours to improve the game for everyone.

While the "Axemen" have some quirks; numbers for names, and counting in base three for example, many mysteries surrounding the "Axemen" astound and confuse those that just glimpse into the inner workings of this household/unit.