Tales of the Ticklish Ferret

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The Tales of the Ticklish Ferret(C) are a modern series of humourous playlets written by Andrew Lyng, a citizen of the Far Isles and of Saxe-Numidia, regarding events at the "Ticklish Ferret", a fictional inn or tavern.

The Ferret's alewife is Dell, and her three regular customers are a farmer (of sorts) Gob son of Nob, the "famed" freelance warrior Brak son of Brak, and the semi-cloistered cleric Twinge son of Cramp.

Each "Ferret" playlet lasts for about 10 minutes. Efforts to persuade Andrew to write a longer piece have, so far, come to naught, as he lacks the time, a suitable theatre or a reliable cast.
Inter alia, however, his characters have, at different times, erected a May-pole, performed a mummer's play (Saint Camber and the Woggum), and survived flood, chicanery and conscription.