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Tactics are, quite simply, battleplans. The term tactics is used to define the action and direction on the battlefield itself. Strategy is usually defined as the planned movement of armies to achieve an overall goal. The provisioning of armies is called logistics.

There is an ancient military maxim that amateurs talk tactics, dilettantes talk strategy, professionals talk logistics, reflecting the reletive importance of these three things.

Tactics in the SCA

Most SCA tactics occur within the context of team combat. Experienced commanders tend to keep their tactics simple and direct, as suits period combat. Overly elaborate tactics executed by reletively inexperienced troops tend to be self-defeating.

By far the most common tactic in SCA combat is to form a shieldwall for tight unit cohesion; then to field flankers who attempt to get around the vulnerable sides of an enemy formation or to form a column charge to punch a hole in the enemy wall.