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Smythkepe Arms.
Founded: A.S. XXI
In Kingdom: Gleann Abhann
Seneschal: Lady Rebekah of Newcastle
Modern location
West Central AR, USA.

The Shire of Smythkepe is an SCA Shire that was founded December 31, 1986 and is part of the Kingdom of Gleann Abhann on the Ansteorra-Calontir border. Mundanely, Smythkepe encompasses the 729xx Zip Code region of West Central Arkansas (Ft Smith/Van Buren and vicinity) and is known for its prowess in Heavy Weapons combat, Rapier fighting, and a diverse number of Arts and Sciences.

Annual events include Mid-Summer Knight's Dream (usually held in late August) and Cracked Anvil Collegium (usually in late Winter or early Spring).

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