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Sir is the title or honorific used to identify Knights, both mundanely and within the SCA.

It is also used for other mundane ranks like a baronet in Britain.

Alternate Titles

The SCA recognises the following alternate titles in other languages as the equivalent to Sir:

Language Alternate Form
Albanian Zotni
Arabic ---
Catalan Senyor
Czech Lord
Danish Herre
Dutch Mijnheer
Estonian S��r
Finnish Ritari
French Sieur
German Sir
Greek Hipp�tes / K�rios
Hebrew Sair[ah]
Hungarian �r [Uram]
Icelandic Herra
Irish Gaelic Sior / An ridire
Italian Sir
Latin Eques
Middle Norwegian Herre
Old English ---
Old Norse Riddari
Polish Pan[i]
Portuguese Cavaleiro
Romanian Domnule
Russian ---
Scots Gaelic a Shir / Shair
Spanish Don (Do�a)
Swedish Herr
Turkish S�r
Welsh Syr