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Here be someone's explanation of why there formed in Romania a shire for a single city and not nation wide.

This is a long and complicated scandal but here is a short summary. Basically, there are two versions of the story:

  1. People tried to form an SCA branch but there were two groups, the "historians" and the "reenactors", and they didn't get along. The kingdom tried to form the shire around the reenactors group at Hunedoara rather than involve both groups, but it intensified the rivalry anyway. The claim was that the reenactors were better at running SCA events than the historians because they made more of an effort.
  2. The counter claim was that the reenactors misrepresented their contribution and sought more support from the kingdom, including further sponsorship. When that sponsorship did not end up to their liking, they stalled the process of starting the shire.

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