Shire of Glen Rathlin

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The Shire of Glen Rathlin covers most of Northern Ireland and the Isle of Mann. It is part of the Crown Principality of Insulae Draconis in the Kingdom of Drachenwald.


Previously know as the 'Northlands' (Northern Ireland) of the then Shire of 'Lough Devnaree' (Which then covered all of Ireland) it had long been planned that it would progress into a shire in its own right. Following a large increase in membership, a vote was held, and the decision made to divide Lough Devnaree into two more distinct shires. The then 'Northlands' became the 'Shire of Glen Rathlin' and 'Lough Devnaree' remained as it was with the exception of N.Ireland and the Isle of Man. In the year 2003 and in the month of February Glen Rathlin was established and hence our shire was born. On the 08th January 2005, Glen Rathlin gained it's full shire status (no longer Incipient) at Twelfth Night Coronation.

On the 13th October 2005, the Incipient shire of Hrafnsborg came into being. This new Incipient shire was made up from several Glen Rathlin members after petitioning for some of the lands of Glen Rathlin (Postcodes areas BT36 to BT43 plus BT29).


Most members of the shire live in the Belfast area, although there are also some people all across N.Ireland.

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