Sharc Pit

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The Sharc Pit has had to face the fact that it really is a household, although an eccentric and erratic one that follows its own mutant path through the SCA.

Sharc -- which stands (sort of) for "Sarcastic Harassing Aging Rapier Contingent" -- was formed in the mid-90s in the East Kingdom but has since spread like some sort of alcohol-driven virus across the Known World. Sharc Pit has been hosting the Known World Rapier Party at Pennsic for the last ten years at least (as of 2006). Over the years, the fencers who formed the core, some of the most well-known, infamous and accomplished fencers in the East and the entire SCA, have grown steadily more respectable and are now settling into stolid middle age with many members having become parents, Peers, Barons/Baronesses (lots of Court Baronies, but Landed in at least three Kingdoms) and the odd Royal Peer (not that the other Peers aren't odd, you understand).

They still know how to have a good time.