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:[http://www.brassbricks.com/sca/east_asian_personae_main.htm SCA Asian Persona Survey]
:[http://www.brassbricks.com/sca/east_asian_personae_main.htm SCA Asian Persona Survey]

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The SCA Asian Persona Survey is a simple collection of names, locations, and contact information for SCAdians playing a persona that hail from the parts of Asia farthest removed from Europe: China, Japan, Korea, India, Southeast Asia, or the Mongol Empire. Because there are already plenty of email groups in existence, this will not be used in that capacity. It is primarily to foster a sense of community and solidarity among those of us who play personae out of the mainstream of traditional SCA culture.

The SCA Asian Persona Survey began as a strictly Ansteorran project in June, 2007, but quickly expanded to encompass the Known World. It had over 180 individual entries by March, 2009.

If you are interested in joining the list or have any information, suggestions, or comments, please send an email to spearweasel@yahoo.com with the following information:

  • Persona Name and Titles
  • Mundane Name
  • Location (SCA or Mundane)
  • Brief Persona Background (nationality, origin, et cetera)
  • Email Address (or other preferred contact method)

If you have pictures, or a website that you'd like linked to, please include those as well.

Some entries are written in fully italicized, non-bold font. These individuals have been collected from various online locations, and have not been contacted. Their entries deliberately include no contact information, and are shown largely to give an indication of actual numbers. If you know these individuals, please encourage them to contact the SCA Asian Persona Survey with any additional information they wish to include. The email addresses listed below are all posted with permission from the relevant individual. Contact information will not be unless explicitly given permission to do so. Email address have been munged to annoy spambots, so you will need to convert them back to a usable format for most email clients.

If you wish to provide information to your local group about this, a flyer in PDF format is available for download.

SCA Asian Persona Survey