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During period, Europe had only limited contact and trade with Asia, mostly along the Silk Road through the Middle East.

Asian Personas

Consequently, Asian personas are relatively uncommon in the SCA. Although there was minimal contact between Europe and Asia during period, this does not mean that Asian personas are forbidden. Some heralds seem to be able to talk for hours on the subject - the main idea is that SCA is directed towards the recreation of Western Europe, and personas from outside this geographical region are somewhat out of place.

Japanese personas

Some people take particular issue with Japanese personas, because there is only one instance of people from Japan visiting Europe in period, in which a group of twelve Japanes men traveling to Portugal. It is argued that since there were only twelve people from Japan who visited Europe and we know all their names, one cannot be of a Japanese persona without presumption. Conversely, it can also be argued that there should not be a problem with Japanese personas because there is documentation of the Japanese being in Europe at that time. It may be minimal documentation, but it is documentation nonetheless!