Populace badge of Ealdormere

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The Populace Badge of Ealdormere, also known as the Wolfium, is a badge which can be displayed by any subject of the Kingdom of Ealdormere regardless of birth, station or rank.

The badge is: (Fieldless) On a trillium argent barbed vert a wolf's head cabossed gules.

The "Wolfium", as it is affectionately known, is a remembrance of the "spirit of the wolf" which carried the people of Ealdormere through the dark days of King Alen's Proscription. As such, it is particularly associated with the struggle to achieve principality status, and during the Proscription was used as a way of quietly declaring one's with regional sympathies.

Another, less formal populace badge is the simple use of three trilliums on a red field (one for each of the three original baronies of Ealdormere); popularly in use as it is much easier to embroider than the wolfium.

In recent years an unofficial "war badge" has become quite popular: Gules, a wolf passant argent bordured argent. This is most clearly seen on the tabards worn by the Ealdormere unbelt team at Pennsic.

There is a rumour, perhaps apocryphal, that certain pieces of Midrealm royal regalia made in Septentria, Rising Waters and Skraeling Althing in those times are liberally (if discreetly) marked with wolves and trilliums.