Order of the Queen's Blade

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The Order of the Queen’s Blade is Gleann Abhann’s award for exemplary service to the Kingdom and to fencing in Gleann Abhann, and skill with the blade. Kingdom Law states:

(a) The Order of the Queen’s Blade shall consist of those individuals who have exhibited exceptional skill in the Arts of Defense (Rapier), have conveyed their knowledge to others, and have displayed chivalry on the field and in support of the Kingdom of Gleann Abhann.

(b) Induction into this Order is accompanied by a Grant of Arms to the recipient if they do not already have one.

(c) While election into the order rests solely with the Crown of Gleann Abhann, members of the Order have the right of consultation and recommendation directly to the Crown.

The Charter of the Order elaborates upon these points, describing the qualities expected of a Bladesman, as well as the mechanisms for nominating and reviewing potential candidates and conducting other business of the Order.

Members of the Order are known as Bladesmen, and can be recognized by a band about the left arm or shoulder, of black or white and bordered in red. Bladesmen may also wear a white caplet with a black Gleann Abhann Ram.

Bladesmen are expected to be teachers and leaders on the field and off. Anyone is welcome to call upon a Bladesman for aid in marshalling, instruction, concerns about Rapier in the Kingdom, or any other reason.

The Order is interested in potential new members. Recommendations are welcome from anyone, and should be provided in writing to any Bladesman. Bladesmen are expected to seek out and encourage and assist fencers in their development of the qualities the Order represents.