Numerical Superiority at Point of Contact

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Numerical Superiority at Point of Contact allows a force to overcome a section of an enemy's force by overwhelming the individual men at the said point with a larger group of men.

Quite simply, the attacking force can deliver more blows than their opponents can fend off, rapidly diminishing the defending area's troop density and morale. This can be used to break through enemy lines when a flanking maneuver is an unavailable option, or to quickly destroy a large amount of troops.

A flanking maneuver also allows this advantage in most cases, as many men can attack the small quantity of men guarding the end of a battle formation. This tactic is favored by outnumbered commanders as a method to have numerical superiority where it is most needed, and lightly or not engaging the whole of the enemy force.

Wedge formations are often used to achieve this advantage.

This effect also allows a smaller force to hold a narrow area against a much larger foe, such as in bridge battles.