Mace (Askham)

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This is the entry for mace from Askham's Herbal.


This spice is hote and dry in the second degre, Maces be rides or huskes, it groweth about the Nutmegge, as the rynde groweth about the Hasell nutte, it may be kepte ten yeare in hys vertue, it is comfortynge, dissolvynge, and consumynge, the knowledge of fine maces is thus, it shuld be in coloure lyke to fyne golde, or els like golde that sylver is gylte with, the which hath a sharpe talage, with a bitternes, and it that loketh lyke to earth, is to be refused, for it hath no sharpe savour, for a colde stomacke, that may not defie or degest well, take Maces and boyle them in wine, and drinke it. Also good playster, the which is best for a feble stomacke, make pouder of Mastike, and of Maces, and medle them with oyle of Roses and Ware, and make a playster thereof, and laye it on the stomack of the sicke person. Also to clense the brayne of superfluous humours, take a quantitie of Maces, and chewe theym well in thy mouth, and hold them there a while and that shal louse the fumosite of humours that rise up to the braines, and pourge the superfluyte of it. Also for feblenesse of the stomacke and of the lyver of a colde cause, & for the Colyke, and for the diseases of the spirituall membres, or flewme, boyle Maces in the joyce of Fenell, and in the ende of the boyling, put in a litell wyne, than straine it and drinke it, for it is the best remedy for the foresaide diseases. And for the ache of the berte, use pouder of Maces in the meates and drynkes.