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Love is an elusive concept and one that appears to be central to human behaviour. Definitions of love are fairly difficult, except to say that, to love something is to hold it in extremely high regard and to care for it greatly, sometimes so greatly as to overcome logic and common sense.

The ancient Greek philosophers defined love as having three varieties: agape, philia and eros, but these were not definitions in common use in period.

In medieval Europe, love was a word often used to describe many different interpersonal relationships, including the relationships of fealty. Interestingly, the word love was rarely applied to marriage (at least among the nobility) since marriage was a political and finanicial concern more than one of personal affection. It was in response to this that Eleanor of Aquitane and Marie of Champagne first founded their Courts of Love, which would have such an effect on chivalry.

Love in the SCA

The Society for Creative Anachronism places great emphasis on chivalry, honour and courtly love.

It has been said that, for a SCAdian to have a successful romantic relationship, both their loves must be introduced and get along; that is, the spouse and the Society.