Jaufre Raudel

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Jaufre Raudel (fl. 1130-1148) was a troubadour about whom we know very little, but whose legend sets him apart. Of his songs only 6 survive, 4 of which we have melodies for. One of these songs, Lanqand li jorn appears to be among the most popular troubadour song ever based on the number of manuscripts it is in. It also serves as the basis for his somewhat fanciful vida.

According to his vida Jauffre fell in love with the Countess of Tripoli based solely on the good things he had heard of her. Jauffre went on crusade but on the journey took seriously ill. The Countess of Tripoli had heard of Jauffre and went to see him on his death bed. Jauffre, who had been unconcious for a long time before her arrival recovered enough to look upon her once before his death.