House Three Skulls

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House Three Skulls (aka "Sigh....THOSE people") is a mercenary household of no fixed SCA period based largely in the East Kingdom. Membership totals are strictly classifed, but there are ALOT of the sods. Structure is a democratic oligarchy, with the Chieftain being slightly more than first amongst equals. Like many SCA Households, there are various ties of blood and adoption between members, making for a family tree that resembles a boy scout knot tieing convention. Membership is by invitation, and there is a probationary period of about 1 year. The "Skulls" (as they refer to themselves) have 4 large meetings every year. These meetings, or Commons, are held 1 per season, usually on or as close to the 15th of the month as possible. They also celebrate 2 holidays, May 1st, Or "Founding Day" as their Household was born out of ugly local politics on that day in 1984, and October 15th, or "Insult the size of Vermins genetalia day". The roots of this one are rather obscure.

The Skulls field fairly large numbers of heavy list fighters, numerous archers, and a goodly number of light list fighters as well. They are also reknowned for their fire spinners and their superb middle eastern dancers. They are however MOST well known for the breadth, quality, and quantity of their debauchery, drinking and debauchery....