House Lightning Mist

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House Lightning Mist is an SCA household based in the Northern Region of the Kingdom of Ansteorra, with Septs in the Kingdoms of Gleann Abhann and Caid.

Formed at the Ansteorran Fall Crown in A.S. XXXII by Ld. Donecan MacDubhgal of Loch Alsh and Captain Talon DeWiley. While nursing the last known bottle of Gnome's Milk and a fifth of Southern Comfort, they reminisced about times spent in the lost Shire of Morrows Keep and the comraderie and fun had during those days of yore. Deciding to rekindle those feelings, rather than lament them, Donecan and Talon decided to form a household. And thus did House Lightning Mist begin.

Within a year or so Lightning Mist grew to 20+ members, with Lascivia Greymouse joining Donecan and Talon as Triumvirs or co-leaders of the House. Then Talon was lost in a battle between two dragons in A.S. XXXIV. His brother, Scar DeWiley, then took up Talon's office in the Triumvirate.

House membership gradually increased to around 35 members and initiates by the beginning of A.S. XLII, with about 25 being regularly active in the SCA. The House has two small Septs, one in Gleann Abhann and one in Caid.