House DeTaahe

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House DeTaahe is the personal household of His Grace Finnvarr de Taahe, KSCA, OL, OP. It was originally founded by Finnvarr and his brother, and has grown over the years to a very great size. So large in fact, that it is more often now called Greater House DeTaahe as more and more of Finnvarr's former dependents become Peers in their own rights, taking their own dependents. Actually it's not all that large as large SCA households go. We use the Greater DeTaahe designation merely to distiguish between the core and the sub-households; which is either a joke or a conspiracy aimed at world supremacy, depending on who you ask. Current active membership (as at May 2006) is approximately 25.


The household badge is: azure and or counterchanged, a mullet of six points or.

Some Descendents of House DeTaahe