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A hound is a dog that assists humans in hunting by tracking, chasing and sometimes killing prey. This is contrasted with retrievers (whom retrieve fallen prey) or gun dogs (that locate prey only).

Sighthounds are dogs that hunt primarily with their sight though it should be mentioned that, being dogs, they still have acute senses of hearing and smell. Sighthounds are typically built for speed and can run very fast, in order to capture and kill the fast-moving prey they see such as hares and deer. Popular sighthounds in the SCA are greyhounds whose athleticism can be displayed through the sport of coursing. Other well-known sighthound breeds are Wolfhounds, Deerhounds and Whippets.

Scenthounds are dogs that hunt primarily with their sense of smell. Well-known scenthound breeds are the Bloodhound, Basset Hound and Beagle.