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The hit list is a way of ranking all SCA fighters in a given group based on a tally of the number of bouts they have fought in tournaments and their success rate. This is apparently a regional custom (e.g. in the Barony of Stormhold) and not commonplace in the SCA.

Various variations of scoring exist:

  • Score points for each kill, including double-kills
  • Score points for each victory, not including double-kills
  • Score bonus points for kills against highly ranked opponents and/or knights
  • For target archers, score according to the points of the round
  • Only rank using points scored over a set period of time, e.g. the last year or six months.
  • Only rank fighters on the basis of them attending tournaments and training (used by Arrowsreach in A.S. XLI), not by the outcomes of combat.

The hit list may be maintained by the local List Keeper.