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Herbals are books which describe the physical characteristics and properties of herbs and other plants.

Books written post SCA period are also often of interest as can show information in a modern setting as well as shed information about what was said in the past. And this page is for a list of books about herbs published subsequent to 1901

The intent of this list is to link to a page for book for each herbal/each book about a herbal mentioned providing the following details:-

   When book was written and what herbals or herbs they refer to, and other publication data (including IBSN).
   Where book can be viewed physically or online.
   As well as the contents of each herbal, preferably a summary, and then some details.
   When reprintings were done, and perhaps the year of the most recent printing.
   What images are in the books from original herbals.
   Discussions between books are to have their own pages referenced from within each herbal page.


Books about herbals and gardens published prior to 1902 can be found at Herbals.


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