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A herald is in charge of heraldry.

In the SCA, a group herald assists people in the group with the registration of an SCA name and device, either through their own knowledge, or by connecting people with more experienced heralds. They are also the Voice of the Crown and as such make announcements at events, announce bouts in tournaments and act as Master of Ceremonies and Public Address system at courts.

The College of Arms administers heraldry throughout the SCA. It maintains a Society wide record of all registered names and devices. At Kingdom level it maintains the Order of Precedence and keeps track of all awards given to the populace. Heralds are given ranks, according to their experience and accomplishments. A trainee herald is called a Cornet. In some Kingdoms, once the Cornet has passed a basic test and has gained experience in the various fields of heraldry they are accorded the rank of Pursuivant. Senior heralds are entitled Herald. In other Kingdoms, these titles are based solely on the heraldic office an individual holds.

Who is a Herald?

In the SCA, anyone can practice heraldry as an activity. You do not need a special office or title to help choose names and research devices, herald a tournament, or make announcements at an event. The only activities limited to persons of a particular rank involve actually accepting and processing submission forms. This is because this duty involves working with money. Who may do this varies from Kingdom to Kingdom. Officially licensed Kingdom heralds are said to have a warrant.

Also, royalty, nobility, households, or any individual may retain someone as their personal herald for court, as a messenger, and other heraldic duties. Who this person is and what their duties are is strictly the perogative of the "employer."

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