Hector of the Black Height

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Hector of the Black Height is one of the most renowned bards in Ealdormere. He was raised to the Order of the Laurel for his skill in the bardic arts in A.S. XXVII. He was raised to the Order of the Pelican in A.S. XXX, and made a Court Baron of Ealdormere by King Berus and Queen Marion in A.S. XXXV for his contributions to Ealdormere.

Master Hector, as he is commonly known, has contributed a large number of important ballads and songs to the culture of Ealdormere, including the Blazing Scarlet Banner, the Guardsmen of Eoforwic, and the ballad Rise, often viewed as the unofficial anthem of the Kingdom.

He has published several albums available through Amphisbaena Music in Canada.

He has no registered arms.