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Head (Anatomy)

The head of a creature. This section of the body generally contains the brain and trauma to this area is often either very bloody or very dangerous (and sometimes both).

The Head in the SCA

A legal target for archers and heavy fighters. If you do not believe a blow to the head is decent enough to penetrate your assumed armour, then it is called "light". If you believe it is a good blow, you call "good head" and fall dead to the ground. This is one of those times where mundane language definitions differ greatly in meaning to society uses.

Head (Object)

The head of an object is generally the part that is intended to perform a task. It might be the flattened part of a nail, the sharpened metal point of a spear, arrow or axe.

This term is not generally used in when describing a bladed cutting weapon if that weapon does not contain a long shaft.