Feast of the Bear

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Formerly an annual event, the Feast of the Bear was one of the largest events in the Kingdom of Ealdormere. Hosted by the Barony of Septentria and the Canton of Eoforwic, the Feast of the Bear consisted of both armoured combat and fencing tournaments, an extensive merchanting area, arts and sciences competitions, Court and a feast.

What made the event unique was it's setting: Casa Loma, a large historical mansion in Toronto, Ontario. The mansion, one of Canada's most famous landmarks, was built in the early 20th century as a fantasy "castle" by the eccentric financier Sir Henry Mill Pellatt. Formerly ownded operated by the Kiwanis club of Toronto as a museum and tourist attraction, it was loaned to the Royal Citie for one day a year, in exchange for a number of demos at inner-city schools. Because the museum remained open to the public during the event, it was one of the few annual events in Ealdormere where there was much interaction between mundanes and SCAdians.

The tourneys and market were typically held in and around the stables during the day. Court and Feast were held in the main mansion after the museum closes, and were a private function of the SCA.

Unfortunately, after the sale of Casa Loma to a private company in early 2007, the Society is no longer permitted to use the site. There is no Feast of the Bear on the Ealdormere Kingdom Calendar for 2007, and it is unclear whether the event will be resurrected at an alternate site in the city.