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If an artefact, site or document is described as extant then it is understood to exist in the present, often referring to something that has weathered time and still exists today.

The term is often used by historians and literary scholars, particularly to refer to works of literature. This term is contrasted with the word "lost", which is generally used to refer to items which have not survived.


  • "The only extant manuscript (of Le Morte D'Arthur) that predates Caxton's edition is in the British Library, London." - Encyclopaedia Britannica
  • "The earliest extant manuscript written in Sylhet Nagri is Talib Huson by Gholam Huson (1549)." - Banglapedia
  • "Despite the importance of his work only eleven songs of Guilhèm de Peitieus are now extant, one of which is of dubious attribution and none of which have melodies."