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Replica Dark Age glass drinking horn

Drinking horns are one of the most common accessories for some recreating a Viking or Saxon, although they continued to be used in later periods. They consist of a horn hollowed and smoothed, and given a coating of wax. They might have rims, plaques and termini of precious metals. Glass was used for making drinking horns for the wealthy.

SCA Drinking Horn Tips

  • Most people buy them but if you have a supply of horns and some time on your hands they can be made without too much effort.
  • If planning to use one at a table, and don't mind being ahistorical, it is a good idea either to get a stand to hold your horn, or (after checking that the owner of the table doesn't mind) sharpening the end and trying sticking it in, as once they fall over they let all their contents escape.
  • It is also possible to suspend a horn from a belt or baldric -- if you don't overfill them, and are careful about moving about, it is even possible to carry drink in them in such a position.

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