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The following is taken from the Kingdom of Atlantia's MOL Handbook


In this tournament, a set of dice are rolled to determine weapons form and limitations for each bout. This is easiest done for rapier tournaments, as there are only two rapier authorizations (epee and heavy rapier). Take two pieces of paper. Number 1-6 on lines going down each piece.

Beside each number on the first page, name weapons forms. On the second piece of paper, number limitations.

For Example:

Page 1.

  • Duello
  • Dagger and Buckler
  • Dagger and Other
  • Sword and Cloak
  • Sword and Buckler
  • Dagger

Page 2.

  • Draw Cut
  • 2 Kills
  • 3 Kills
  • Head shot only
  • Arm shot only
  • Fought from knees

Using two dice (easier with dice of different colors) allow each pairing to roll for weapons form and limitations. In this example, rolling a 6 on both dice results in the match being “Daggers only, Fought from the knees.” This can be amusing, good practice, and is tremendous fun for the crowd to watch!

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