De Gallis

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De Gallis created by Marcello Malpighi

  published in 1679 by the Royal Society of London, one of the chapters of Malpighi's major work on plants, Anatomes Plantarum, and richly illustrated with 67 figures in 15 plates. 

Taken from the advertisement from the publisher of the Ray Society facsimile of De Gallis:- Malpighi's De Gallis, investigated gall structure and studied galls as they grew, describing and illustrating them so accurately that most of them can be recognised today. Plant galls are remarkable objects, often beautiful and sometimes bizarre. They are formed of plant tissue but are caused by another organism, usually an insect or mite, and, thus, they straddle the worlds of botany and zoology. Knowledge of galls has a long history, since the 5th century BC. First used as herbal medicines and later for dyeing cloth and leather and for ink-making.

Facsimiles Created:-

  • Year: 2008
  • ISBN-10: 0903874415
  • ISBN-13: 978-0903874410
  • Publisher: Ray Society
  • Author(s): Margaret Redfern, Alexander J. Cameron, Kevin Down, Marcello Malpighi
  • Dimensions: 297mm x 210mm x 23mm

Hardcover Facsimile Together with a Translation and Interpretation of De Gallis, one chapter of Anatomes Plantarum A translation of the original Latin follows the facsimile with an interpretation interleaved on facing pages. This allows the translation to lead directly to the recognition of each gall that Malpighi described and enables any difficult or obscure parts of the text to be explained. Most of the galls are illustrated in colour, allowing direct comparison between Malpighi's drawings and modern images. This English translation and interpretation of the galls familiar to Malpighi should make De Gallis and its meticulous illustrations available to a wider audience.

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