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Hello and welcome to Cunnan. The instructions on this page are for people helping with our project to compile a complete set of redactions for the Forme of Cury. Please read the basic instructions before starting, as they explain the basics of wiki editing and clear up some common misconceptions. When you are ready to start, you should move on to the Recipes from the Forme of Cury and start editing!

If you would like to experiment with editing pages before you start helping, please use the Sandbox.

Basic Instructions

Everyone should read these

  1. If you want to have you contributions attributed to yourself then you should login. Help on logging in can be found at how to Log in. If you want to know how copyrights are handled on Cunnan then you should look at Cunnan:Copyrights.
  2. To edit any page in the wiki go to the page and click the "Edit this page" link (it should be displayed at the left and bottom of articles).
  3. When editing a recipe page you need to delete the line that says "