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This page lists recipes from the Forme of Cury. The recipes were taken from the Project Gutenberg e-text of the book which is available online free of charge (note that the file is around 260k large).

The format for the title of a recipe article is "Recipe name (recipe)". The recipes have been sorted into two categories. Those for which we have at least one redaction and those for which we do not yet have a redaction. This list will be updated frequently but not instantaneously.

The instructions for the project to create a set of redactions for these recipes can be found at Cunnan:Redaction project instructions


These are recipes for which we don't have a single redaction.


These are recipes for which we have at least one redaction.

Note: To comply with the PG license we can't refer to these recipes as being part of the PG e-text once they have been moved into Cunnan (but we can of course say they came from PG).