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This lists special projects currently being carried out on Cunnan. If you wish to participate in one of these projects you may add your name under Participants for that project. This is not to say that pages related to these projects cannot be edited by anyone, but instead expressing a will to undertake substantial work on the topic.

See Category:Project Current for the full list of current Projects.

12th Century life

Moved to Cunnan:12th Century life Project

Forme of Cury

Moved to Cunnan:Forme of Cury

Kingdom Standardisation

Cunnan:Kingdom Standardisation

Standardisation of Songs

Moved to Cunnan:Standardisation of Songs

Canterbury Faire Admin (CF_Admin)

Category:CF_Admin A project to construct a knowledgebase for stewarding Canterbury Faire (CF), with a mind both to assisting future CF stewards, enable knowledge retention, and provide an example and justification for the practices we use to other SCA groups.