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Cunnan doesn't have a "real" policy on Neutral point of view (NPOV), but in the interest of keeping the peace you should try to keep heavy personal bias out of any articles you edit. If you're working on a controversial article you might like to add opinions from both sides of the debate.

Regional point of view

The Known World's a big place, and we all play the game in different ways. This page lists pages in Cunnan which display some regional point of view that would benefit from some editorial attention. Note that it's fine to have pages with subject matter that is regional in nature. This page is only concerned with pages which should address the ways of the Known World, but in fact only address some portion of it.

How to flag RPOV pages

Pages which contain such content can be marked with the following tag:


which will look like this:

You should also list the page below, along with your login and the time. You can do this by typing ~~~~.

List of RPOV pages

The full list of RPOV tagged pages can be found at Category:Regional_point_of_view.

  • non-combatant
  • University -- Only Lochac and An Tir represented well.
  • arrows - I know archery is very different in Lochac to elsewhere, I believe these are all Lochac rules - what about general american ones?