Company of Medieval Aviculturists

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The Company of Medieval Aviculturists is the SCA's first guild dedicated to the arts and sciences of medieval and modern aviculture.

The guild officially began on August 14th, 2006 when founder and guildmistress Aisin-gioro Biya in the Canton of Brokenbridge in the Crown Province of Ostgardr, East Kingdom opened the yahoo group, [1]. At the time, the group was simply known as "SCA Parrots." However, "SCA Parrots" is not an SCA legal guild name (guilds, companies, and households are not allowed to use "SCA" in their names) so, after much discussion and debate on a good sounding name, the Company of Medieval Aviculturists was chosen in early September, 2006.


Membership in the Company of Medieval Aviculturists is open to all. While, as of the charter ratification on April 22nd, 2007 at Popinjays Play in Brooklyn, most members reside in the East Kingdom, anyone from any kingdom or area may join. While many members are stewards to companion birds, just as many are not--it is not required to join.

As of April 22nd, 2007 members reside in:

East Kingdom West Kingdom Midrealms Calontir An Tir Atenveldt

Feathered lords and ladies in the Company include:

Umbrella cockatoos Moluccan cockatoos Goffin cockatoos Cockatiels Congo African greys Timeh African greys Blue-front Amazons Blue and gold macaws

Why "Company?"

In the SCA, private groups of like-minded SCAdians may be in three major forms: households, companies, and guilds. Of these, guilds and companies may both be centered around specific arts and sciences. Whereas guilds traditionally have a hierarchy, companies see their members as equals--which is why the falconry group is called, "Saint Bavon's Company of Falconry" for in this group, all falconers have an equal voice--none is above another.

With Saint Bavon's Company of Falconry as a model, the Company of Medieval Aviculturists decided to organize along a similar concept: all members are equals.

Unlike Saint Bavon's, the Company of Medieval Aviculturists counts avians as full members. This is in part a reflection of the Company's values as stated in its charter.

Charter for the Company of Medieval Aviculturists

The charter for the Company of Medieval Avicuturists was written by Aisin-gioro Biya and ratified by unanimous vote by both human and feathered members on April 22nd, 2007 at Popinjays Play in Brooklyn.