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{{SCA Shire box|name = Canton of Axed Root''' |color = red|metal = gold|device = [[Image:Axedrootarm.png|200px]] | caption = Device of the Canton of Axed Root. | founded = A.S. XVII | seneschal = Lord Olai Skjaervoy | area = Ames, Iowa, [[USA]].| kingdom = Calontir}}
{{SCA Shire box|name = ''Canton of Axed Root'' |color = red|metal = gold|device = [[Image:Axedrootarm.png|200px]] | caption = [[Or]], a double-[[bit]]ted [[poleaxe]] [[sable]] between two [[boar]]s' heads [[couped]] [[respectant]] [[gules]] all within a [[laurel wreath]] [[vert]]. | founded = A.S. XVII | seneschal = Zaneta Bassegio  | area = Ames, Iowa, [[USA]].| kingdom = Calontir}}
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== External Links ==
== External Links ==
[http://www.barkerlemar.com/canton Canton Webpage]
* [http://www.axedroot.org Canton Webpage]

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Canton of Axed Root
Or, a double-bitted poleaxe sable between two boars' heads couped respectant gules all within a laurel wreath vert.
Founded: A.S. XVII
In Kingdom: Calontir
Seneschal: Zaneta Bassegio
Modern location
Ames, Iowa, USA.

The Canton of Axed Root is the SCA group located in Ames, IA. It lies within the Barony of Coeur d'Ennui. It is part of the Kingdom of Calontir.

External Links