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Banishment within the SCA comes in three degrees ascending in severity.

Level One Banishment: The Royal Presence

  • The banished should make every reasonable attempt to avoid interaction with the royalty. Would be unable to attend Court, receive awards, engage in any official duties they may have as an officer, etc. Typically lasts until the end of the reign under which they were banished. Can be proclaimed by the Royalty for any reason whatsoever.

Level Two Banishment: The Realm

  • The banished would be unable to engage in any activity that would involve an active officer of the Society save those necessary for actual event attendance. Such activities might include combat, entering an A&S competition or any other marshalled activity. Lasts until the end of the Reign unless reinstated. Since such banishments are reviewed by the Society Seneschal and the Board they are reserved for more serious trangressions against Society Law and standards of behaviour.

Level Three Banishment: Absolute

  • Also sometimes referred to as "Revocation and Denial of Membership" or "R&D" for short. Bars the banished from any event attendance or participation in Society activities. May only be imposed for severe transgressions of a nature that would justify mundane authorities being notified. Such actions might include misappropriation of official funds or endangering event participants. While typically such a banishment will be requested by the Royalty concerned, it can only be instated or lifted by the BoD. Level three banishments are extremely rare, and in those cases where they are evoked, they are almost never lifted.